Monthly Archives: February 2012

Journal article on Birth Simulators has been published

My work, “High-Fidelity Birth Simulators in American Culture: An Ecofeminist Analysis,” has been published in the March 2012 issue of The Journal of American CultureThe work examines the increasingly common use of birth simulators to educate medical professionals about childbirth. As my work explains, I think this technique raises some serious and concerning questions.

Men and Feminism at River of Grass UU

Today I gave a talk on the value feminism holds for men at the River of Grass Unitarian Universalist church in Davie, Florida. The topic was well received by the warm, welcoming congregation. Lots of thoughtful responses including men reflecting on their experiences and identity. It’s always rewarding to succeed in sparking serious reflection and conversation on subjects such as violence against women and the socialization of boys and young men into violent models of masculinity. As for change, you never know when your contribution will be the drop that finally fills the bucket!