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Newly published piece on Hollywood film, U.S. militarism, and Bahrain

In the last 10 days, the U.S.-backed monarchy in Bahrain have prohibited demonstrations of all kinds and revoked the citizenship of pro-democracy activists. Our politics is so polarized that we begin to fit ourselves into good vs. evil political narratives. The frightening reality is that the “evil” that is occurring in Bahrain is occurring under the current presidency; and, yes, it would’ve been maintained by a Romney presidency. Thus it’s time to take a look at American Exceptionalism and face the discomforting music.

Please read and share:

Will the Real Destro Please Stand Up? How Hollywood Helps to Obscure the Ugly Truth about American Militarism

You can also watch this short video:

Bahrain: Year One

And then consider taking a small step to voice your solidarity with pro-democracy forces in Bahrain:

Free Human Rights Activist Jailed for a Tweet in Bahrain


Just Published….Stepping Out of Plutocracy’s Closet of Shame

This is the second part of my previous piece addressing the myths surrounding poverty. It’s a fairly personal account, and it’s also meant as a call to action. Please give it a read and share with others. I really do believe that much can be accomplished if we worked to a) stop shaming others for their economic circumstances, and b) spoke openly and honestly about our own economic situations. Doing so would probably lead to a lot of “soul searching” for people of all political stripes.

It’s Time for the Poor to Come Out of the Plutocracy’s Closet of Shame