Academic Works

Book Chapters

2010, July     “Disparate Destinations, Parallel Paths: An Analysis of C Contemporary Atheist and Christian Parenting Literature,” in Religion and the New Atheism: A Critical Appraisal, pp. 179 – 202. Amarnath Amarasingam, ed. Brill Academic Publishers. (Website: )

Edited Volumes

2011               “Condorcet and Feminist Masculinity,” Growing Our Field: Emerging Perspectives on Masculinities and Men’s Lives, (American Men’s Studies Annual Review, Volume II), pp. 151-161. Marlen Elliot Harrison and Phillip Ward Schnarrs, eds. (website:

2010              “The Feminism of Birth” in Beyond Burning Bras: Feminist Activism for Everyone . Laura Finley, ed. ABC-CLIO (formerly Praeger). April 30, 2010. (website: )

2007              “Under the Watchful Eye,” in The Cost of Freedom: Anthology of Peace and Activism. Michael Annis, Mike Palecek, Whitney Trettien, eds. Howling Dog Press, 2007.

Refereed Journal Articles

2013         “Mother Beware: Perilous Scholarly and News Media Discourse around Homebirth.” The International Journal of Communication and Health.Fall 2013, Vol 1, no 2.

2013           “Virtue Over Victory, Why We Should Adopt a Virtue Ethics Approach to Social Change.” Zeteo, The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing. Spring 2013.

2010          “Ethical Spectacle: Memorial in a Time of War.” Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture: “Inventions of Activism.” M. Benton and A. Clinton, eds. (vol 10, no 3).

2010         “Exhuming the History of Feminist Masculinity: Condorcet, 18th Century Radical Male Feminist,” pp.42-61. Culture, Society & Masculinities (vol.2, Issue 1, Spring 2010)

2008         “Fundamentalist Atheism and its Intellectual Failures,” pp.263-280. Humanity & Society (vol. 32 no.3)

2008            “Condorcet’s Legacy Among the Philosophes and the Value of His Feminism for Today’s Man,” pp.39-57. Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism (vol. 16 no. 1)

2006              “Illusion of Conversion,” pp. 54-71. The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies (vol. XII no.1)

2006              “A New Vision for Freethought: Reaching Out to Friends in Faithful Places,” pp. 51-68. Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism (vol. 14).

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